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The Problem

LoosestrifeFrom plants to insects to crustaceans, Hamilton County is being invaded! Non-native invasive species are introduced beyond the borders of their historic range, reproduce rapidly, and displace native species. Most come from Europe or Asia, and without the ecological checks and balances found on their home turf, cause economic, ecologic, and / or societal harm in our area. Spread prevention, and early detection and rapid response are the best methods for combating invasives. You can help by contacting the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District if you notice invaders on our lands or in our waters. 





Adverse Impacts

  1. Inhibit recreation
  2. Degrade fisheries, forestry, and agricultural resources
  3. Carry disease
  4. Contaminate drinking water
  5. Decrease property value
  6. Destruct wildlife habitat
  7. Displace native species
  8. Alter food webs
  9. Reduce biodiversity
  10. Cause species extinctions


  1. Ship ballast water
  2. Ornamental escapes
  3. Firewood
  4. Watercraft & trailers
  5. Vehicles
  6. Gear and equipment
  7. Release of fishing bait
  8. Aquarium escapes
  9. Intentional introductions
  10. Contaminated fill and seed
  11. Interconnected water bodies
  12. Road and trail corridors
  13. Wood shipping products  

The District’s accomplishments would not be possible without the support of the State of New York, Hamilton County, and FLLOWPA.